3 Things Wellness Journeys And Business Building Ventures Have In Common

As I reflect back on the business building retreat that I recently attended for my online business, I can’t help but compare the golden nuggets that were shared throughout that amazing weekend to a wellness journey.  I help my clients optimize their sleep habits to fit their busy lifestyles.  At the retreat, I got a chance to meet all of the coaches that were instrumental in helping me lay the foundation for what is SURE [...]

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When Saying No Is Actually A Good Thing

When Saying No Is Actually A Good Thing I was recently having a conversation with my sister and she was telling me all of the things she needed to get done. She rattled off, "I needed to go to the store for mom, I need to take something to this person, I have to go and pick up something from someone else before they go to work, all before I have to be in car [...]

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