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5 Steps To Becoming a CEO That Uses Systems To Grow and Scale

Here’s to a value filled blog that’s going to walk you through the proven process I share with the CEOs who are ready to have their Business Systems Unlocked. 

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If you’re an Ops person aka second in command, hiiii 👋🏼 keep reading too. Some things may be familiar to you but my goal is to provide value to you as well.😉

Welcome CEO! 👋🏼 The process of growing and scaling a business will require a shift in the way you think about your business. You will have to do less of the “doing” and more leading. You will transition out of the phase where you touch every part of your business. I know this is different and that’s ok because it’s next level.

Let’s dive into the critical components CEOs need to continue to grow and scale. First, I want to focus on the word continue (envision me throwing up quotes here). It’s true that businesses can grow without systems but eventually the growth stops because systems scale. 

So now that I have acknowledged that, I don’t recommend continuing to run a business without streamlining your process. If you are growing like crazy, your business can potentially outgrow your systems and you will be in your businesses all the time. 

If you know that systems and processes are next level and give you CEO vibes, keep reading. If you enjoy the blog and find nuggets, I’d love for you to ping me and let me know. 

Let’s dive in with the components needed to run your biz like a CEO. It is so important to have this foundational component set up in your business. Your business hub is a centralized location where everything in your business is kept. This can be anything from your logo, branding color, core offer, business templates, and anything in between.

Setting Up Your Business Hub

It is so important to have this foundational component set up in your business. Your business hub is a centralized location where everything in your business is kept. This can be anything from your logo, branding color, core offer, business templates, and anything in between.

Once your business hub is optimized the days of your days of:

  • rewriting the same emails a bazillion times because you have no templates
  • storing files on your hard drive or favorite notebook only to forget where you stored them–so you search for 30 minutes will be over.

Your business hub is the foundation needed to scale. If you are the subject expert, and you likely are, and nothing is documented, hiring or expanding your team is going to be a rocky road. Why? Well, all of the legacy information is stored in your head (and let’s be honest some of it seeps out and you forget important stuff). When it’s time to streamline, we (Ops people) wanna tie you down and get you to spill the beans but you are too busy doing the work of the business. So you cut meetings short and leave out details. Sound familiar? This is what a bottleneck in business looks like because your legacy knowledge is the cornerstone of your ENTIRE business.  

No judgment. However, can we get a handle on that so you can continue to grow? I want to encourage you to be open to a strategy to download this information. Yes, it will take time. Yes, the Ops person will have to have more than one meeting with you. Think about it, you have accumulated YEARS of your expertise. It will take some time to download your expertise and document it into processes. Yes, it can be done and yes, it will be a game changer. You will wonder why you didn’t invest in this process earlier. 

If you’ve heard me say it once, you’ve heard me say it one thousand times–You know your business and I know Operations. So we can do this together if you want, ok? 

Mission Vision and Values

Mission. Your mission is the reason you started your business. It may be to get more money, to help marginalized communities have a voice, it may be to create jobs and give people second chances. Your mission may start out as one thing and over time your reason for continuing in business may change and you can update your mission accordingly. 

Vision. A CEO who is positioning the business for hyper growth has to cast the vision and lead the team. As you build out your business, you may have noticed that others couldn’t see your vision. 😏 As you think about sustainable growth and scaling your business, it’ll be your job to share your vision with your team. Maybe you are hiring contractors or employees. Allow me to celebrate your team growth with you. Yassss!! Your team is there to take action on your vision and bring it to life. 

In a nutshell, you will map out your business goals during a strategic mapping, pick projects that are aligned with your goals, assign a project and your operations team will take it from there.  Your team will then create action steps and report back to you on a regular basis (I recommend weekly meetings minimum), to celebrate results or address roadblocks. 

Values. Why are your values important in business? It is important that you have people that are aligned with your mission and committed to carrying out your vision.

Let’s take a look at an example. Let’s say a business owner values multitasking. I wouldn’t be a good employee for them because I don’t believe in multitasking. I believe in task-switching or reprioritizing but no multitasking for me. I also envision frantic energy in a job culture that encourages multitasking. I want to work in an environment that is fast paced but no panicky buzzer beater vibes.

Here’s another example. Sleep is important to me so I would not search for jobs with overnight call schedules or overnight on call requirements. So if I was working for someone and they implemented this then I would prepare to leave as our values would be mismatched. 

Think about what you value in your business. Make sure that you share your values when you are hiring your team. You can include a “this is for you section” to add your values. 

A good way to highlight the above values in a job description is, This is for you if you multitask with the best of them and you are a night owl and get excited by on-call adventures. Rest assured this language successfully helps me to understand that this is not for me. 

Embracing Your Flagship or Core Offer

(Note: The one offer concept doesn’t apply to you as much if you run a healthcare service, or a trade business–but the rest does).

Now I know someone will read this and declare that they are multi passionate and want to offer more than one offer. Listen, I get it.  I have a low ticket offer,  click here to see it, but most of my energy has to be spent on my core offer. 

You can be known for more than one offer or service but it’ll take more time to get the message out to different segments of your audience. Additionally you will split your time and your marketing efforts. 

So to stay true to the spirit of this blog and streamlined operations, I recommend that you focus on making majority of your income from one core offer.

Here are 3 reasons you want to have a streamlined sales and client delivery process. 

  1. You can become well known faster

As you build authority and are becoming visible, your raving fans will recommend you if they understand what you offer.  My core offer, Business Systems Unlocked, helps clients operate the back end of their business better so that they can grow and scale their business. There are other things that I love to do and that I am good at but my big marketing launch efforts will be dedicated to Business Systems Unlocked. 

  1. You can iterate your offer and make it incredible with continued client feedback. 

As you deliver your services, you will find what works and what didn’t work. Patterns will emerge in your business. You may notice that you get certain types of questions during certain time frames as you roll out your offer. If you are getting questions, answer those questions right away and add them to your framework in the next iteration of your launch. This may mean that you will update your sales page, get clearer in your email leading up to your kick off call or something else. I talk about that more in The Ultimate Client Experience

You will start to get messages  like “This offer covers everything.” or “I feel like you are reading my mind.” Those comments signal that you are dialed in. 

  1. You will have laser beam focus and all roads will lead to your core offer. 

As you start to experience team growth, keep in mind that your team will best serve you by owning projects and metrics. In order to see progress you have to go through the process multiple times and this is why it’s important to make sure your offer is one that you enjoy delivering. Strategic mapping is a process that guides you through your business objectives and helps you prioritize your next steps so you become laser focused. 

Laser focused CEOs focus on one offer for a season before shifting to something else. When you operate from a clear vision, it’s easier to commit and streamline.

Establish CEO Time

I recommend CEO time each week. During that time you can reflect on the previous week. 

Having CEO time as a smaller business will lend itself to you receiving reports from your VA, OBM, director of Ops (that’s me), team leads or heads of departments later on. 

Questions you can ask yourself include:

  • Was I visible and engaged on my platform of choice? If so, did I meet my visibility goals?
  • Maybe part of your visibility is to pitch 2 podcasts each week. How did that go? 

Whatever metrics are important to you, make sure you are taking a look at them often. The goal is to track your progress and recommit to your goals time and time again. 

CEO time should include personal development on some level. What new books are you reading? Are you taking any new training? What types of conversations are you having that will help you to reach your goal? 

Zoom out and take a look at what’s coming up in your business. Then focus on the upcoming week and mentally prepare to win the week. 

Document Your Processes

As you build out streamlined ways of operating your business, I recommend that you start documenting your systems and processes. 

This can be as easy as screen recording your workflow and assigning the task to a VA. Have each of the recordings transcribed and then formatted to create standard operating procedures! SOPs do not need to be fancy, they need to be effective

Store all of your templates in your business hub. Create templates from your most frequently used documents in your business such as proposals, emails, etc. 

And when you are ready, be open to sitting down with your favorite Operator strategizing (you may need to hire this person), partnering and bringing your visions to reality. Behind every business that scales is an Ops department bringing it all to life. 

To sum it up, as your business continues to grow, your role as CEO is going to mean less doing and more leading and envisioning the possibilities of your legacy. If you are hesitant to get out of the day to day, get comfortable with being the bottleneck of your legacy. 

If you’ve made it this far on the blog, I know you are ready! If the content in the blog has your wheels spinning and you would like some support as you build out your own headquarters then I want to invite you to watch the free training for Business Systems Unlocked. It’s my core offer for CEOs who want to onboard and train their team with ease. It’s certainly easier when we do it together. 

If you’ve gotten any value from this blog, I’d be thrilled if you would take another few seconds and share it on your social media or with someone who you know will benefit from it. I want to get this blog into the hands of CEOs and their team so they can grow and scale through Operations. 

Thank you,

Mary 💯

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