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The Secrets to Hiring a Director of Operations (Even if You Haven’t Reached The 6 Figure Mark)

While 6 figures is a highly coveted place to be in the online space, it serves a purpose when you think of bringing on a Director of Ops to your team–you have to have the budget to bring on an executive level position.

But what if you haven’t reached 6 figures but you still want the benefits of a strategic partner?

Below are some ways to experience the expertise and partnership of a DOO if you’re not in a position to hire full time or part time.

Project Model

Strategic mapping. Strategic mapping is a service used widely in corporate and healthcare and rightfully so. Strategic mapping is the secret sauce to growing and scaling your business.

Having an Ops expert walk you through core business objectives to improve your processes is the secret sauce to continuing to grow and scale. You will also determine what you need to work on in your business over the next 2-4 months.

Strategic mapping should be done once a quarter but no less than twice a year so that you can remain focused and committed to your vision. Laser focus is key to realizing all of your business dreams.

Intensives. VIP days or VIP weekends are short bursts of time where you sit with an expert, you focus on one part of your business and you get a LOT taken care of. An intensive can be 4-6 hours in 1 day or it can be spread out over a weekend. Intensive experiences can also be delivered in retreat style with a small intimate group.

VIP days are ideal for business owners who would rather pay to cut the learning curve or save time.

My biggest pet peeve with intensives (as well as system set ups) is that they are not all designed for the client to walk away being able to manage what has been built.

I believe maintenance services will be needed and desired after some VIP experiences. However, the client (or someone that they have designated) should have instructions to do a basic level of upkeep after the intensive on their own.

Clients who purchase intensives may need email or Voxer support following and intensive for a specified amount of time.

The above are two of my favorite projects to lead, however this list is a tip of the iceberg.

Fractional Status

Fractional DOO work is for clients who value the importance of strategic partnership but they’re not quite ready for a full time DOO. Fractional DOOs work very closely with a team for about about 8-15 hours/week in a business. I’ve even worked in a business for 6 hours a week and made incredible progress on the business operations.

It’s imperative that a team is in place to carry out the business operations. Once a strategic mapping has been conducted, the DOO would then delegate to the team to carry out the day to day operations of the company.

Even at a fractional capacity there may be times when a few more hours a week is requested. That should be doable as long as it’s talked about and planned well in advance.

Group Program Model

Group programs are a great way to leverage the strategic insight of a DOO. Group programs can be great for maintenance type services or to create a budget friendly option to fill the need and serve a different audience.

There is value in group programs. Some thought leaders say the transformation is in the transaction. No matter how you slice it, make sure you’ve carved out time to show up fully to maximize your investment.


So technically, you’ll likely not have access to the DOO at a low ticket offer price BUT you still get training that you can go back to time and time again.

Operators are problem solvers. If we’ve seen a business process that needed improvement once, we’ve seen it a bunch of times.
So with that information, we’re able to create products that can serve you in your business.  For instance, I have a low ticket offer, The Ultimate Client Experience, designed to help business owners with their onboarding, client management, and offboarding.

There’s no shortage of products (the price range varies) that DOOs use to serve small business owners and entrepreneurs.

This list is not all inclusive of course, but I wanted to present ways you could experience a Director of Ops even if you have not reached 6 figures and beyond.

If you are looking for a strategic partner to guide you though strategic mapping or if you are curious about how I can help you as a fractional DOO, reach out to me at my email or at my Instagram.

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