As I reflect back on the business building retreat that I recently attended for my online business, I can’t help but compare the golden nuggets that were shared throughout that amazing weekend to a wellness journey.  I help my clients optimize their sleep habits to fit their busy lifestyles.  At the retreat, I got a chance to meet all of the coaches that were instrumental in helping me lay the foundation for what is SURE to become a wildly successful online business.

I have always realized the value of a mentor, consultant, coach, etc.  When I found a program called Make It Work Online (MIWO), I was thrilled.  MIWO is an amazing program for online business owners who want to serve clients all over the world.  The program was created by Jenny Shih and structured beautifully.

The support throughout the program (I’m willing to bet) is unmatched.  MIWO is the first program I’ve taken on this level.  The retreat experience at the end of MIWO brought the whole online business course full circle for me.  There is something special about meeting amazing people in person.

MIWO women are helpful, kind, and are examples of what I can accomplish if I keep my head down and stay focused in my business. At the retreat, I was dealing with a personal injury and once I spoke up about it, the team made sure I was ok.  I’m thankful to God that things lined up for me to be a part of the experience.

So what were the biggest highlights for me?

  1. Seek support. You need a support system to cheer you on when things are going great and to help you troubleshoot when things are not going as planned. Identify your biggest fans.
  2. Embrace change.  Things will come up for you (like fear/procrastination) when you start doing things you have never done. Be kind to yourself and keep pushing towards your goals.
  3. Be consistent. Whether in business or on a wellness journey, I’ve always said, we get good at “that thing” that we do constantly- good or bad. Get your state of mind to a place where you are determined to grow and learn.

I’m now getting ready for my own wellness retreat.  My retreat is for women connected to Blaze Wellness.  Blaze Wellness is my group for women who want to be encourage, motivated, and inspired with all things positive, especially wellness.

The women scheduled to attend my wellness retreat have supported each other throughout the year virtually and in person.  The old saying is so true, time brings about a change.  We are tailoring our wellness journeys to fit our personal lives in Blaze Wellness.

Lately, our discussions have been about self care, nutrition, and physical activity. Being well is more than just a commitment to diet and exercise but rather the whole person being mentally, physically, and spiritually well.

I’m thrilled to announce that moving forward, my retreat experiences will be available to ALL of my coaching clients.

Fun things to expect.

You can expect to come together with a group of likeminded women to unwind and relax.  Some of the experiences will include coach led physical activity, self reflection, and empowerment.  Each retreat will offer something different and unique.  Nothing beats an in person connection. Stay tuned!

Embarking on a wellness journey is similar to business journey, there will be ups and downs, there will be moments or days of uncomfortable feelings- opportunities to grow.  Best laid plans will have to be re done.  But the good thing is this.  As long as you have a support system and the determination to keep going, rest assured that WHATEVER you do on a consistent basis you will get good at it.

Here’s to your journey.  Proceed with love, consistency, and kindness.  Like me on Facebook.



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