5 actions you must do to set and crush any goal

//5 actions you must do to set and crush any goal

5 actions you must do to set and crush any goal

5 actions you must do to set and crush any goal


Goal setting starts with a great idea, a vision, followed by action steps. Often times the actions fizzle far before goals are realized. The energy, inspiration, and earth shattering momentum gives way to an action here or there. Then barely any action at all. This lack of action taking doesn’t always match the desire to set and crush our goals. 

Getting results on your goals require a few simple but easy strategies. Goals are often set, but then they are left to rot on the vision boards, Evernote, and Trello boards. Or maybe you set them and find yourself repeating the same goals year over year. You crave a shift. You crave results. 

Below are essential components of goal setting to ensure that you set goals, maintain momentum and are ultimately on your way. 

Be consistent

In order to effectively set goals you have to be consistent. This means taken daily or weekly action on your goals. Once your daily or weekly action steps are in place you’ll need to test what’s working and what’s not working often.  When you have an effective system to monitor your action taking, then you can assist and quickly adjust your activities based on your results. For instance, if you’re posting on social media and some of your post consistently get crickets but other types of post get really high engagement, evaluate your posting strategy.  The type of content that your audience interacts with needs to replace the type of posts that gets fewer engagement.

Nurture the Network

Building relationships is a key component to growing your business. Relationships can be built in person or online. In-person networking can include places like the Chamber of Commerce, local co-working facilities, Toastmasters, and other organizations that suit your needs. 

Once you decide which networking events work for you, especially the ones in person, decide the goals for our personal networking.  Keep in mind that the ultimate goal when networking is not for someone to buy from you in that moment. Goals for networking can include showing up as a leader, an expert, or as a person that provides value to the community that you are a part of.  Your goals can be the same or slightly different for in-person networking and online relationship building.

Take in consideration your personality type as you connect with others and build your web out as beautiful as Charlotte’s Web.  You may prefer smaller groups over larger groups. You may prefer networking among your peers as opposed to going up to the stage and introduce yourself.  

If you are an introvert (like I am), you can still show up in person and online and engage effectively. Shyness is often used interchangeably with introversion,  and some introverts miss out on in-person networking. You may have hung on to the words introversion and shyness. 

If you use either of those labels to describe yourself, they in and of themselves should not be a reason to count in-person networking out if that is something that you’re curious about. If in person networking is something that you’re curious about, shyness can be overcome with effective strategies and consistency.  

Online networking on the other hand is a lot more relaxed, a lot more laid-back, and once you find a group of people that you enjoy interacting with, you can build relationships that can last for an extended amount of time and can even lead up to an in-person meeting.

No matter how you decide to network, make sure that you maintain a level of curiosity to explore all types of networking to see what really suits your needs and your business model.

Growth vs fixed mindset

Deciding to always be curious and experiment as you take actions on your goals will yield better results every single time. It’s not to say that you’ll set and achieve your goal in the first attempt, but having a growth mindset helps you realize your goal. Having a fixed mindset will inadvertently caused so many of your goals to be left on the vision board in your home office or on the screensaver of your phone. 

Sometimes we use words and we don’t think twice about them. These small seemingly innocent statements pack a mighty punch and determines the fate of our goals. Words like “I don’t know how to,” “That’s the way it’s always been done,” “I can’t do that,” or “I would but…,” are all surefire thoughts to keep you stuck without results. 

On the other hand, statements like “I am a person who is learning to…,” “I wonder how things will be once I learn….,” “How can I make learning more about (*insert thing*) fun?” These statements will keep you in the experimentation phase. They will prompt you go back to the drawing board if things do not work as opposed to packing your bags and going home if you do not get the results that you desire.

Deciding to have a growth mindset is a choice. Deciding to have a fixed mindset is a 

choice. What are you choosing?

Self care

Self-care has been touted as a luxury. However, self care at its core is an essential. Without taking care of yourself, in the long run, it is hard to take care of others effectively. If you love to travel like me you get this reminder each time you prepare to fly. The attendant makes sure to announce, “In the case of cabin pressure emergency, put your oxygen mask on first before you put on someone else’s oxygen mask.” Self-care is very important and I’d like to highlight sleep and boundary setting.

Sleep. There are so many ways that we can affect our sleep pattern, but mostly paying attention to our sleep routine will yield better results and a better night’s rest. How often do you adjust and evaluate your sleep routine?  

Boundary setting. Boundary setting is a form of self care. It’s also very important. Boundaries allow you to have time to focus on the goals that you have and the action steps that you need to act upon in order to get the results that you desire. Your schedule is overfilled, the time to take action and obtain massive results dwindle.

Key indicators for the need for boundaries include deciding to take on a task or obligation and later having this underlying simmering resentment of someone. The single most important word that you can use as it relates to boundaries is “No.” You do not have to attach any apologies with the word know as it is a complete sentence. 

Where do you need to set boundaries in your life so that you can work on your goals?

Be bold. 

The choice to be bold and show up in the world using your gifts, skills, and talents is not a choice to be taken lightly. People will embrace you with loving arms and wonder where you’ve been all of their lives. Other people will be repelled by your energy. Even another third of the people will

not care what you are up to at all. In that case, would you say it’s a good idea to go ahead and show up boldly and do the work in this world that you were meant to do?

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