5 ways to Find Work Motivation When You’re Unfulfilled at Work

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5 ways to Find Work Motivation When You’re Unfulfilled at Work

5 ways to Find Work Motivation When You’re Unfulfilled at Work

Have your feelings towards your work changed drastically?  You went into your career with guns blazing and felt like you were going to just crush it with your innovation and creativity. You learned pretty quickly that your job prefers the status quo and that creativity, innovation, and career ladders were not a priority.

Check out this account of a professional losing their steam:

“I was as motivated as ever to start out in my new career. I completed my training for my new career with blood, sweat, and tears. Where would I settle in? I already had a job, so my next move was calculated and casual. I had the intention of finding the perfect job. Then it happened! I heard that the department I was in, would soon be looking to hire people. My perfect job fell in my lap.

I completed the interview and basically knew that I had the job coming out of the interview.  Was this job confirmation a nod to my professionalism and ability to wow as an interviewee or was it sheer desperation on behalf of the interviewers?  

One of my bosses told me to start one day and another boss chewed me out for starting in the middle of a pay period.

Lesson number one was plain and clear: You cannot serve two masters.

All of the grand ideas that I had were silenced by the routine of the day to day grind. My voice became softer and was ultimately muted. I had to get my mojo back.”

If that account sounds eerily familiar then you may be craving some tips to get your mojo back. Below are some ways to find your motivation when you’re starting to feel unfulfilled at work.  With a little strategy, you too can become motivated once again to reach and exceed all of your career goals.

The power of co workers

There will be times when you’re going through a rough patch or feeling less than optimistic at work. Your co-workers may understand what you’re going through more than anyone else during this time. Identify one coworker that you trust and talk to them.  There’s always someone to confide in to share your points of view and who can also encourage you to stay positive.

Embrace the angel investor

Although your motivation may be dwindling, there are things that you’ve been able to accomplish because of your job. Make a list of 10 things that you’ve been able to buy because of your job.

Keep in mind that angel investors invest in your future, if your list is short, keep thinking about it. If you can’t find 10 things that you’ve been able to do because of your job, then you may need to brainstorm and budget for an activity or hobby to start that is directly powered by your investor.

Determine your priorities in life

What do you ultimately want to be doing with your life? Is your job in alignment with your vision? If not identify the disconnect, and start planning to take action on what you really want to be doing.  

How would things be if your daily actions lined up with you priorities in life?  What small thing can you do today that will help you to get closer to the thing I really want to be doing?

I’ve found, when we take action towards our priorities our overall stress is decreased (small steps are still steps).

Set personal boundaries

Burnout can lead to a lack of motivation at work.  Setting boundaries around your time is essential. Get crystal clear on your job duties and commit to your best performance while you’re at work.  

It’s equally as important to leave work at work. Taking work home or staying long hours can lead to fatigue and burnout.

Dips in motivation doing your work can happen to anyone.  Seek out ways to increase your motivation in your current position. Find ways to take action on things that are really meaningful to you and make plans to eventually do what what you ultimately want to be doing.  If you must leave your job right away, rest assured another investor awaits you!

What struggles do you have around being fulfilled doing your work in the world?  How could you benefit from an I’d love to know.  Email me at mary@marystewart.net

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