5 ways to get more sleep tonight

If you feel like you have been awake all week, keep reading. Adults need an average of 7-9 hours of sleep, per the Mayo Clinic, to feel your best the next day. However, there is a huge disconnect with the expert recommendations and what actually happens.

The fast paced society we live in makes us want to stay up to catch up.

Corporate jobs demand so much of our time and we spend precious time after work trying to figure out how to get ahead. It may be promotion time and by all means we want to work longer and harder to get noticed for the pay raise.

Then there is technology, the same perk that allows us to connect to different continents in minutes is the same perk that causes us to spend mindless hours on social media. This time spent using electronics and time on social media has notoriously cut into our quality sleep time. Then there is the basic things that we still love, BUT DO IN EXCESS, cable TV and a good book.

How does sleep deprivation show up in our lives anyways?

  • Sleep can affect your mood and cause you to become grumpy.
  • Your body heals and recovers while you are asleep. So when you override the need for sleep you hormones miss-fire and you go straight for the junk food.
  • So if your body heals when you get the sleep you need, chronic lack of sleep can set you up for health issues such as mood changes, weight gain, and inability to focus, among other things.

When you continuously deprive yourself of sleep, you are similar to a revved up car engine. You cannot constantly perform at 100% without adequate sleep. Don’t worry, NO ONE CAN! I encourage you to make one adjustment to get more sleep tonight.

Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Shut off your electronics one hour before bed. Too big of a jump? Try 15 minutes and work your way up.
  2. Place a note pad on the night stand by your bed. If something keeps going through your mind write it down. You are acknowledging that this thought needs to be addressed, but the best time to do it is after a restful sleep period.
  3. Focus on activities that are more passive like meditation (not an intense workout), oh yeah and pause the DVR. You can catch up on all of that later.
  4. Experiment with a few activities, like caffeine reduction and lower room temperature.
  5. If your room seems to be too noisy or too bright, try white noise and black out curtains.

Remember, if you have been getting very few hours of sleep, it may take some time to get into a habit. Make some changes in your sleep habits for the sake of your overall wellbeing and increased productivity.

Restful sleep increases productivity, and increased productivity is likely the very reason you stay awake in the first place…

For now, let sleep and let all of the benefits of a good night’s rest come upon you.

Post below what behavioral changes you implemented to get better sleep. Post how you felt after trying something new in your quest for more sleep. Did you feel like you would miss out on something, etc.?

Here’s to better sleep right away….

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Mary Ellen

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