You have clients coming through the door. You’ve experienced success in your business and you’re hellbent on making your dreams come true. 
You envisioned the life of your dreams–a successful and thriving business. But you haven’t gotten a handle on the data and analytics needed for continued growth. 
You know your business. I leverage data and analytics. Let’s get to your next level together.

Hi, I’m Mary Stewart. 

I help small business owners analyze their data in a meaningful way. Business objectives that are tracked, can be measured–what’s measured can be optimized.
I’m a candid, compassionate, highly organized person who thrives on streamlined, data driven processes. This means I can help you grow and scale by optimizing your data.
My Kolbe score is 8-7-2-3. That’s a fancy way of saying, I can help your business become data driven and efficient. I use my innate fact finding (I’ll ask plenty of questions) and data and operational skills to analyze, systematize and prioritize, so that you can achieve your BIG vision for your business.

How it all started.

After getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology and nursing, I continued to become a nurse practitioner. I’ve communicated with health professionals in systems all over the United States.  I know what it’s like to consult and collaborate with high performers and people from all walks of life. 
I’ve delegated, utilized time management, managed and prioritized multiple projects at once in order to maintain the pace of a busy healthcare environment. 

Things began to unravel.

I enjoyed my nursing subspecialty but the work environment was taking a toll on me.  I felt restricted and out of alignment as there were no opportunities for career growth, staffing concerns, and little support for me to develop as a nurse leader. 
I craved growth and a challenge outside of doing the same work
After more than a decade of experiencing long hours, the monotony of the work environment and periods of high stress, I became unengaged. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel going nowhere. I ended up in massive burnout. 
I started searching for other opportunities so I could leave my job but my leadership beat me to the punch…

A time to grow.

One summer day in 2019, while standing in the hotel lobby in Las Vegas, Nevada, I received a phone call with news no one wanted to hear. “Your job is being eliminated.” The day I learned my NP job was being eliminated, I was on vacation playing pool in the World Championship Qualifier. 
I felt nervous about the future and liberated at the same time–but definitely more liberated. 
The “pink slip” from my job was actually my golden ticket to move into the season of entrepreneurship using my innate abilities and work experience to impact the lives of others. 
I quickly realized that my path up to this point created the perfect environment for me to use my God given talent and 13+ years experience in the healthcare system to serve small business owners.

My Life Today

Today, I leverage all of my experience, my leadership skills and love for data and systems to help small business owners grow and scale. 
I will focus on your data. 
Marketing Analytics is in my zone of genius and I’m incredibly grateful to share my gift with small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

My Mission

To equip small business owners and entrepreneurs to use their innate skills to serve their community through data driven decision making. The mission will be executed through thought leadership, mentorship and operational excellence so that small business owners can build a legacy, grow their business and lead better teams.
If you could use some help to start looking at your marketing numbers, reach out to me and let’s have a conversation. 

Your business deserves data driven marketing insights–I can help.