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You’re a high achieving professional or entrepreneur, but you haven’t taken the necessary action to get to your next level in months. You hear the whisper or nudge calling you to do more, yet you’ve successfully ignored it.  

You can barely remember when you’ve set a goal and actually followed through. Your income goal for your business remains the same due to lack of progress, you’re in the same job that you hate because you repeatedly ignore internal job promotions, you say yes to everything for fear of someone not like you (but then you resent them).

I get it.  I can help.

Hi, I’m Mary Stewart,

I’m a coach for women who are meant for more and have had the whisper or nudge to level up again in their life. They fear embarrassment or failure so they continue to play small. I help them set and crush goals so they can feel excited about trying new things again. 

How it all started.

I knew I wanted to help others after finishing college with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.  I started out helping foster kids in my hometown find a safe place to live. I continued my education in nursing after a year or so as a caseworker.  I decided to serve in a different capacity and I set out to become a nurse practitioner. I had to become a registered nurse first, so I signed up and the journey began.

I was excited that my path in health care would allow me to continue to serve in a capacity that felt good to me.  I got started in a very specialized part of pediatric nursing. I had experienced a few long evenings in social services but I couldn’t help but notice the long shifts in nursing.  However, I knew that I was on track to becoming an NP so I kept my eyes on the prize.

Finally, in 2010, I became an NP.  I’ve always felt honored to serve my patients.  The triumph and sorrows I’ve witnessed in my career have reminded me to be thankful and to always be kind to whomever I meet.

Things began to unravel.

I enjoyed the work I was doing more but I knew the work conditions were taking a toll on me.  I also felt restricted as there were no opportunities for career growth. I craved growth and a solution to the long hours almost every shift.

After more than a decade of experiencing long hours and periods of high stress, I found that I had gained unwanted pounds. I found myself anticipating busier days and spiraled into mindless eating. I was not spending as much time with my support system which are my family and friends.

A time to grow.

One day, I got the phone call that no one wanted to hear. “Your job is being eliminated.” The day that I learned that my NP job was being eliminated, I was in Vegas shooting pool in the World Championship Qualifier. I was terrified and liberated at the same time.   

While working as an NP, I formed a small wellness accountability group called Blaze Wellness. Soon after, I started retreats as a way for women to connect.  I ran my first boutique retreat in 2017 and successfully gathered an amazing group of women to strengthen connections, exercise, rest, and relax. The retreat was so amazing that I decided to keep the momentum going by holding more retreats.  

After having a successful retreat experience, I knew it was time to expand my coaching practice beyond retreats, so that I could connect with women on a day to day basis.

Today, I coach full time and help women take their goals from the vision board to reality. 

I’d love to hear from you.  To learn more about how I can help you move the needle with your goals, check out my Work With Me Page.

Join me and let’s do this together.
Mary Ellen

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