My Productivity Skyrocketed When I Did This One Thing  

My productivity skyrocketed when I did this one thing   I’ve been making progress at Mary Stewart and I took the next perfect action to keep me on the growth curve in my business.  It’s not what you are thinking. Sure, I have an amazing mentor. Sure, I’m building a business that will allow me to have the freedom I crave to do things that are in alignment with my priorities in life.  So what [...]

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Surprising Benefits of Accountability Groups

Surprising Benefits of Accountability Groups I have this amazing accountability group called Blaze Wellness. The ladies in the group are absolutely phenomenal. The group includes but is not limited to stay-at-home moms, nurses, teachers, fitness trainers, entrepreneurs and a mix of other 9-5 jobs. The lovely ladies range from single to 2 and a half kids with the white picket fence. Just kidding about that one. Many are seeking masters degrees, aspiring to become entrepreneurs, [...]

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The Truth About Job Burnout And Ways To Counteract It

Job burnout is common in today's fast pace work. Imagine starting out in the career of your dreams and finding out that your current job is overwhelming and unsustainable.  You’ve went to college or had some training to excel in your chosen field. You're excited. You work hard and stay up later to achieve more than your peers and colleagues.  People compliment you, look up to you, and they may even wish that they were [...]

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3 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Sleep

3 Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Sleep Have you ever found yourself restless and unable to fall asleep or maybe you fell asleep and awakened before the alarm clock rang in the am?  There could be some sneaky underlying habits that could be affecting your sleep. I have identified 3 culprits that can interfere with restful snoozing. Caffeine While caffeine affects each person differently, caffeine intake definitely needs to be addressed when you are [...]

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When Saying No Is Actually A Good Thing

When Saying No Is Actually A Good Thing I was recently having a conversation with my sister and she was telling me all of the things she needed to get done. She rattled off, "I needed to go to the store for mom, I need to take something to this person, I have to go and pick up something from someone else before they go to work, all before I have to be in car [...]

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5 ways to get more sleep tonight

5 ways to get more sleep tonight If you feel like you have been awake all week, keep reading. Adults need an average of 7-9 hours of sleep, per the Mayo Clinic, to feel your best the next day. However, there is a huge disconnect with the expert recommendations and what actually happens. The fast paced society we live in makes us want to stay up to catch up. Corporate jobs demand so much of [...]

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