5 Things To Know So That You Can Delegate To Your First (Or Next) Team Member With Ease

5 Things To Know Before You Hire Your First (Or Next) Team Member With Ease We’ve all heard the leaders, CEOs, and bosses who can’t let go and hire help or allow other team members to show up and thrive in the company. Simply put, those bosses will not be able to build an A team until they learn to hire and delegate or outsource efficiently. They have characteristic language about team building which includes, [...]

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5 actions you must do to set and crush any goal

5 actions you must do to set and crush any goal   Goal setting starts with a great idea, a vision, followed by action steps. Often times the actions fizzle far before goals are realized. The energy, inspiration, and earth shattering momentum gives way to an action here or there. Then barely any action at all. This lack of action taking doesn’t always match the desire to set and crush our goals.  Getting results on [...]

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You Don’t Have To Be Busy To Be Productive. Here’s Why.

You Don't Have To Be Busy To Be Productive. Here's Why. If you’re busy all day but have nothing to show for it, keep reading.  It is well known the life’s events can create busy seasons. For instance, we know that “the holidays” which collectively include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day create a busy time of the year for Americans.  The hustle and bustle of the holidays can bring more stress than happiness for [...]

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5 ways to Find Work Motivation When You’re Unfulfilled at Work

5 ways to Find Work Motivation When You're Unfulfilled at Work Have your feelings towards your work changed drastically?  You went into your career with guns blazing and felt like you were going to just crush it with your innovation and creativity. You learned pretty quickly that your job prefers the status quo and that creativity, innovation, and career ladders were not a priority. Check out this account of a professional losing their steam: "I [...]

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Surprising Benefits of Accountability Groups

Surprising Benefits of Accountability Groups I have this amazing accountability group called Blaze Wellness. The ladies in the group are absolutely phenomenal. The group includes but is not limited to stay-at-home moms, nurses, teachers, fitness trainers, entrepreneurs and a mix of other 9-5 jobs. The lovely ladies range from single to 2 and a half kids with the white picket fence. Just kidding about that one. Many are seeking masters degrees, aspiring to become entrepreneurs, [...]

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The Truth About Job Burnout And Ways To Counteract It

Job burnout is common in today's fast pace work. Imagine starting out in the career of your dreams and finding out that your current job is overwhelming and unsustainable.  You’ve went to college or had some training to excel in your chosen field. You're excited. You work hard and stay up later to achieve more than your peers and colleagues.  People compliment you, look up to you, and they may even wish that they were [...]

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