3 Things Wellness Journeys And Business Building Ventures Have In Common

As I reflect back on the business building retreat that I recently attended for my online business, I can’t help but compare the golden nuggets that were shared throughout that amazing weekend to a wellness journey.  I help my clients optimize their sleep habits to fit their busy lifestyles.  At the retreat, I got a chance to meet all of the coaches that were instrumental in helping me lay the foundation for what is SURE [...]

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When Saying No Is Actually A Good Thing

When Saying No Is Actually A Good Thing I was recently having a conversation with my sister and she was telling me all of the things she needed to get done. She rattled off, "I needed to go to the store for mom, I need to take something to this person, I have to go and pick up something from someone else before they go to work, all before I have to be in car [...]

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5 ways to get more sleep tonight

5 ways to get more sleep tonight If you feel like you have been awake all week, keep reading. Adults need an average of 7-9 hours of sleep, per the Mayo Clinic, to feel your best the next day. However, there is a huge disconnect with the expert recommendations and what actually happens. The fast paced society we live in makes us want to stay up to catch up. Corporate jobs demand so much of [...]

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What does a health coach do and what are my super powers?

What Does A Health Coach Do And What Are My Super Powers? Health coaching has been around for a while but it’s still not super popular. So who are we and how do we help? Health coaches partner with individuals and use skillful conversation to set goals and achieve a desired outcome. Most of the time people have a general idea on health goals. What people may lack is: motivation encouragement accountability This is where health [...]

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