What no one will tell you about smoke detectors but you need to hear…

Many lives have been saved thanks to smoke detectors. The detector’s success rate has been so good that in in 1989 it became law that all new home constructions have smoke alarms in all bedrooms.  As with anything, the detectors need maintenance… The low battery alarm will “beep” when the battery needs to be replaced.  The sound is significant in more ways than one.  Many people tend to ignore this warning for way too long. [...]

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Do You Know The Truth Behind Your Triggers?

Do You Know The Truth Behind Your Triggers? "I stop to get gas because my tank is nearing empty. But I find myself leaving the gas station with not only a full tank but with chips and Lime-A-Rita, too. I stick to the healthier perimeter of the grocery store as I collect the items on my list. But the minute I reach the self checkout line, I find myself reaching for the Cool Ranch Doritos [...]

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5 ways to Find Work Motivation When You’re Unfulfilled at Work

5 ways to Find Work Motivation When You're Unfulfilled at Work Have your feelings towards your work changed drastically?  You went into your career with guns blazing and felt like you were going to just crush it with your innovation and creativity. You learned pretty quickly that your job prefers the status quo and that creativity, innovation, and career ladders were not a priority. Check out this account of a professional losing their steam: "I [...]

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My Productivity Skyrocketed When I Did This One Thing  

My productivity skyrocketed when I did this one thing   I’ve been making progress at Mary Stewart and I took the next perfect action to keep me on the growth curve in my business.  It’s not what you are thinking. Sure, I have an amazing mentor. Sure, I’m building a business that will allow me to have the freedom I crave to do things that are in alignment with my priorities in life.  So what [...]

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