Jenny Shih’s Make It Work Online ® Review: My 100% Honest Review

//Jenny Shih’s Make It Work Online ® Review: My 100% Honest Review

Jenny Shih’s Make It Work Online ® Review: My 100% Honest Review

Jenny Shih’s Make It Work Online ® Review: My 100% Honest Review

I dove in head first into coaching online in the fall of 2017. I’d learned how to coach but I had no clue how to run an online business. I remember sitting in my coaching class in Rochester, MN. I daydreamed about how I would have tons of clients coming through the door as soon as I finished coach training.

I looked forwarding to having my a la carte price list ready for my new clients to buy coaching from me! Trust me when I say that the ” charge by the hour” strategy that some of us learned in our coaching program was inspiring but so utterly ineffective.  

I knew I needed help to figure out how to run an online business. I happened upon Jenny Shih’s Make It Work Online’s® workshop in 2018. Here’s how it all unfolded. 

What is Make It Work Online?

Make it Work Online is Jenny Shih’s 12-week coaching intensive for women who want to earn a full-time income doing work they love, on a schedule that gives them the freedom they crave.

The program is a one-of-a-kind mix of online training, personal business coaching, personal copy coaching, and Structured Peer Support, infused with online community and tons of action-taking.

Jenny Shih is an uncompromising business coach who believes it’s ALL possible. She believes that you can make money doing work you love while also living a life you love. She’s an insightful, intuitive, strategic planner with a passion for efficiency and systems. 

Jenny Shih's Make It Work Online

What sets Make It Work Online is the unmatched level of support that you get:

You might have invested in other courses or programs in the past, only to wind up feeling overwhelmed, confused, or stuck about how to apply the lessons to YOUR business.

If this has happened in the past, you probably did one of two things …

Pushed your overwhelm, confusion, and maybe even a little embarrassment to one side and asked for help.

Or …

Stopped showing up for office hours, tried to do it all on your own, or gave up completely because you convinced yourself “the timing wasn’t right.”

Either way, you probably wound up feeling like you’d wasted both time and money.

Here’s what makes the Make It Work Online client experience so different and so unique.

When you enroll in Make It Work Online, you’ll be assigned not one but two personal coaches:

  • Your own personal copy coach: When it comes to online business, it’s your words that will make you money. You’ll be assigned a copy coach who will personally guide you to become the best copywriter you can possible be. The net result? You’ll never need to hire a copywriter again.
  • Your own personal business coach: Words are what help you make money, but those words have to rest on a solid business foundation. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to business strategy, which is why your business coach will work with you to formulate a strategy tailored to you and your unique circumstances. With their detailed personalized guidance and support you’ll waste no time in setting your rates, designing your packages, and most importantly, signing paying clients. 
  • Your own personal community: With Structured Peer Coaching, Jenny takes peer support to a whole new level. You get both a Pod Mastermind and Power Group to help you work through assignments, receive feedback, and increase accountability so you can effectively apply what you learn as you go through the program together.

Below is my review of Make it Work Online, thoughts on who it’s for, and whether or not I think it’s really worth it. Also, I’ll give details on my bonus if you sign up with my affiliate link

Who is Make it Online For?

It’s for you if you’re a solopreneur who provides a one-on-one service that you want to market online. (This includes any kind of coach, consultant, copywriter, virtual assistant, nutritionist, healer, teacher, SEO expert, designer, web developer, or the like.)

You’re ready for Make It Work Online® if:

  • You’re eager to step up, take action (even if it’s imperfect!), and make big things happen in your business.
  • You’re fed up with being busy but having nothing to show for all your effort.
  • You’re ready to stop spinning, start taking strategic action, and get real results.
  • You have at least a little experience in your industry (you’ve worked with a handful of clients).
  • You’re using your expertise, even if you haven’t made a ton of money.
  • You’re ready to go all in and finally make your business work!

You’re probably not ready for Make It Work Online® if:

  • You sell physical goods. (The methods covered are exclusively for service providers who want to market one-on-one services over the internet to a worldwide audience.)
  • You want to learn how to create, market, and sell digital products.
  • You’re part of a network marketing or direct sales business and don’t have your own, independent website. (If you do have your own website and have full control over it, please apply.)
  • You’ve been making $2500+/month for the past 4+ months from online business revenue or inching your way toward six figures in your business.
  • You’re looking for someone to hold your hand as you take action.
  • You’re stuck in overthinking and perfectionism. This is a program for high-achieving business owners who aren’t afraid to take action.

What results do clients get in this program?

Those who enroll in Make It Work Online® learn how to get a steady stream of new clients coming in the door and create consistent income in their online businesses. Clients go on to fill their client rosters, start waiting lists, quit their “real jobs,” and create consistent income in their businesses doing work they love. It’s so fun to watch!

Make It Work Online Review

Make It Work Online Live: Jenny Shih,, Kendrick Shope

Why I’m excited to share Make It Work Online® with you:

Make It Work Online was a game changer for my business. Jenny Shih is a smart strategic planner who overdelivers on her program promise. I honestly worried that because I am an introvert, I would get lost in the group program. I immediately learned that I was in good hands. 

The program is structured in a way to make sure that you get the needed support to win! The coaches as well as the rest of the Make It Work Online® Community are so supportive. Lifelong friendships are created in supportive environments like MIWO. Business building can be hard, but the road’s a lot less bumpy with Make It Work Online® support. 

I’m a proud alumni as I took Jenny Shih’s Make It Work Online® program in 2018. My online business would not be where it is today without this rock solid business foundation. Make It Work Online® is 100% worth the investment so that you can design a life and business you love. 

Join Make It Work Online® and get this awesome BONUS!

I believe that Jenny’s program is second to none for business coaching so I proudly share this opportunity. If you purchase through my affiliate link, I’ll get a commission. In return, I’ll continue to coach you to help you and your business with the momentum you’ll have gotten.

You’ll get 1-1 coaching with me! Together we’ll devise a crystal clear plan to help you continue to take action on your favorite social media platforms in my Social Media Marketing Intensive. You’ll have a plan to consistently put yourself in front of your ideal clients and get the level of success that you crave. 

Have questions? Ask me or Jenny!

Shoot me a email over at or reach out to Jenny + team at 

Ready to learn more?

Apply and enroll using this LINK.

You’ll also receive my BONUS, which will help you show up with confidence on social media.

If you’ve already applied, you can still receive my bonuses for enrolling if you email and let me them know you wanted to enroll through my link.

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