My productivity skyrocketed when I did this one thing  

I’ve been making progress at Mary Stewart and I took the next perfect action to keep me on the growth curve in my business.  It’s not what you are thinking.

Sure, I have an amazing mentor. Sure, I’m building a business that will allow me to have the freedom I crave to do things that are in alignment with my priorities in life.  So what it it you ask? I made a change to my physical environment.

How you do one thing is how you do all things

Is it true? I’d be more apt to say yes but I keep old receipts in my car and I check my mailbox only when it’s full (or when I know a check is headed my way- which is rare).  These nuances are outliers for me as I’m typically organized and in favor of routines and structure.

I’ve taken similar action in so many other parts of my life:

My bedroom has no TV

Studies have shown that electronics interfere with sleep. We can train ourselves to sleep less but we cannot train ourselves to require less sleep. If we’re not careful, our sleep can sometimes be neglected. Here are 18 good reasons to remove your TV out of your bedroom.

You see, I was already on board with creating my bedroom for sleep and relaxation as I value designated spaces for specific purposes.  It doesn’t hurt that I barely watch TV anyways. I’m even thinking of cutting the cord. Let me know if you have some advice on getting rid of cable TV.

I eat lunch as often as possible away from my desk

In order to be effective, studies have shown that you must take breaks. There has to be a change in scenery. It is then that you brain is recharged and you are ready for creative breakthroughs.  Not to mention there are crumbs left behind when you eat at your desk.

I try to, as much as possible, eat in the designated break room or anywhere other than my work space.  Its is important for my mind to take a break from work in order to recharge.

So what’s the latest forward moving action that I have taken?

I cleared the “catch all room” in my house and created a home office.  I needed to have the structure and routine that I crave in so many other parts of my life.  

I was previously telling myself that I can work from anywhere because my house is my BIG ROOM. Well, just as I set up and honor designated spaces in other parts of my life, it was high time I created a home office. 

Since working in my office my productivity has been off the charts.

I can plan more effectively for the next day and leave my space tidy and set up so that I can jump in the following day. My office tools such as my printer, and other supplies are within close reach.  The other part to this is I will get a good dose of that Alabama sun shining through my window.

This is super important for me. I literally had a mobile sunroom- my car. I got some of the best studying done in my college years sitting in my car in random parking lots across town.  

I took a personality test. You should try it here.  It revealed that I was an upholder. I can’t say that the test was 100% accurate for me, so I declared that I have a side of questioner.  

What I learned is that the routines that I like to develop and so on helps me to excel. They are also character traits of top performers. So I have a little bit of self fulfilling prophecy going on here.

The other side of that is I expect routines, structure, and organization to come easily to others.  This is not so as evidenced by the personality test. There are benefits to this though, life would be so boring if we were all alike.

Needless to say, this latest move was in line with the way that I do things and a game changer for my productivity. Also my kitchen table is free for dinner once again. So let me know if you want to have shrimp zoodle alfredo at my house.

What have you done lately that was totally in line with increasing your productivity? Email me at mary@marystewart.net and let me know.


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