Surprising Benefits of Accountability Groups

I have this amazing accountability group called Blaze Wellness.

The ladies in the group are absolutely phenomenal. The group includes but is not limited to stay-at-home moms, nurses, teachers, fitness trainers, entrepreneurs and a mix of other 9-5 jobs. The lovely ladies range from single to 2 and a half kids with the white picket fence. Just kidding about that one. Many are seeking masters degrees, aspiring to become entrepreneurs, or just soaking it all in and just being well.  It’s a pretty diverse set of ladies if I may say so myself.

There’s a commonality that runs through all of these ladies. Keep reading to learn how such a diverse set of ladies came together to reach their goals.

You have to get your mind right

Whatever your mind believes, you will achieve.  This can sound a bit cliche if we’re not careful. Nonetheless, this is powerful because if you know that your mind creates thoughts and your thoughts make you take certain actions, then you should want clean up your thoughts so that you can take the best action for your life.  If you don’t think you can do something, your mind will signal that to your body and you will find all of the evidence to support that though and you will never take action to make it come alive.

Once you determine why you are embarking on a journey, hard things become easier. For instance, if you decide to be around to live well into your later years or to be active in your grandchildren’s lives, the thought of eating healthy long term becomes an easier goal. As we get older we see the effects of silent diseases like hypertension on people close to us. 

While you have to play a huge role in your wellness with exercise, meal prep, or self care, accountability helps.  What’s so great about Blaze is we are a group of women who have taken incredible action to achieve results.  When one of us is having an off day, it’s easy to become motivated by someone else’s action taking on their journey.

“No excuses” takes on a whole other meaning. You finally realize if you are not taking action, you may very well, have an excuse.

So I’ll leave this last little mindset nugget with you before moving on: If you are not actively working towards a goal, you are likely defending a reason to keep you stuck right where you are. If you defend your shortcomings. You get to keep them. 

Consistency is the MAJOR key

I’m sure you’ve heard that the race is not given to the strong or swift, but to he who endures to the end. Being well is a long game and you have to find that perfect mix for you and your life.  

Let’s be clear here. This does not mean that you will not have off days or even off weeks.  This simply means that no matter what, you have a game plan of hopping back on your wellness journey.

You will see an upward trend of progress if you stay committed to your goals.

Our group runs in 6 week sessions and we hold each other accountable in whatever way the ladies are willing to share with the group.  When women join Blaze they understand that Blaze holds members accountable to weekly cardio 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes.  We have all noted that we have pushed ourselves further because we are surrounded with such rock star women.

Accountability groups turbo charges results

Life can sometimes come at you HARD and FAST. Have you ever not shared a story because you felt like someone may not understand? As you set out on a journey to transform mentally, spiritually, or physically, it’s important to have support in place to lift you up when the negative thoughts kick in.

This is what we do so well in Blaze. We do Blaze check-ins. Some check-ins are on the main page and some are behind the scenes. You better believe it feels good to know someone cares about you and is rooting for you. We motivate, encourage, and inspire each other to reach the goals that each woman has set for herself. It’s so fun to watch and be a part of that community. 

Accountability turbo charges us to reach goals.  Studies have shown that you are less likely to break an appointment with a friend if you are being held accountable.  We’re so lucky to have our connection.

What struggles do you have around being consistent and reaching goals?  How could you benefit from an accountability group like Blaze? I’d love to know.  Email me at mary@marystewart.net

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