Do You Know The Truth Behind Your Triggers?

“I stop to get gas because my tank is nearing empty. But I find myself leaving the gas station with not only a full tank but with chips and Lime-A-Rita, too.

I stick to the healthier perimeter of the grocery store as I collect the items on my list. But the minute I reach the self checkout line, I find myself reaching for the Cool Ranch Doritos on the strategically-placed snack shelves.”

I shared these experiences with my coach as I was rationalizing my decision to give in to these food triggers at the gas station and grocery store. She leaned in to the Zoom screen and lowered her voice. She told me she had a secret and I was all ears.

“Mary, there are no food triggers,” she said.

“What?!” I replied incredulously.

She said, “Yes, it’s true. There are no food triggers.”

I quickly retrieved the definition of trigger from my brain’s dictionary: “a trigger is when you are in a location or doing a task and you immediately think of a person, place, or thing, or you take a certain action.”

But that’s exactly what was happening to me at the gas station (ooh chips and Lime-A-Rita!) and in the grocery store checkout (mmm, Cool Ranch Doritos!) so how can food triggers not exist??

She had my undivided attention. I needed to know more. I braced myself. She straightened in her office chair on the other side of the screen and said, “ Your thinking that the chips were a trigger was a thought. It’s just the way you chose to think about the chips in that moment.”

Mind blown.

When I considered it that way, no way I was giving a bag of processed chips that much control over my decisions!

Now stay with me here. I’m not saying don’t eat chips. I’m saying don’t give (insert food) power to cause you to overeat or allow (insert drink) to make you over drink.

I’m also not saying you need to negate the definition of the word trigger. But what I want to encourage you to nibble on (pun), is the ultimate result of your thoughts.

Is holding on to the thought that certain things are triggers costing you your big dreams?

Is it ok to redefine triggers so that you can reach your goals? (A resounding yes goes here!)

Or will clinging to your triggers leave you at the mercy of another bag of chips?

The power lies in choosing to view triggers and anything else in a way that will yield the most good in our lives.

Changing my habits will not happen overnight but the process has started…with one new thought.

Be curious and kind as you sort out things in your life.

My choice is to no longer think of food as a trigger. It’s a decision; I get to choose what I eat or drink. The chips have no power. The drinks have no power.  The real work is not deciding if I should reassign the food as being a trigger, but it’s uncovering why I made the choice at all.

My thoughts. My decisions. There is so much freedom when I know that I get to decide. Meal prep and planning saves the day for me just as planning makes other parts of my life so easy. On that note, I’m going all in friends. How about you, you prepping?

Saying “No” is much easier when you have a plan.  You know you want to meal prep but you have not gotten a system that fits your lifestyle. You just need someone to throw you a bone so that you can get on track with meal prep and planning.  

If this is you, I’ve got you! Download my free guide to help you stay on track.  We all know that we do better when we plan. No more getting caught off guard. Download the tools to decrease overwhelm, impulses, and (dare I say) triggers.

Let it be easy– Plan It. Eat It.

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