Many lives have been saved thanks to smoke detectors. The detector’s success rate has been so good that in in 1989 it became law that all new home constructions have smoke alarms in all bedrooms. 

As with anything, the detectors need maintenance…

The low battery alarm will “beep” when the battery needs to be replaced.  The sound is significant in more ways than one.  Many people tend to ignore this warning for way too long.

Two things can happen when you fail to take care of the low battery alarm:

1.      You risk ignoring it so long that the detector may not perform at maximum capacity in the case of an emergency.

2.     You run the risk of having decreased interaction with a family or friend with misophonia.

If you haven’t heard, misophonia is an under diagnosed condition characterized by the hatred of sound.  Each person suffering (most of the time in silence) will have one or more sounds that really gets their gears grinding. 

I have misophonia and usually avoid triggers as much as possible.  You’ll notice in the list below that most of my triggers come from being in close proximity with other people. 

My triggers are:

·        Lip smacking

·        Gum popping

·        The noise elicited when people are rubbing their eyes

·        Sniffing

And… you guessed it

·        Smoke detectors

I’ve had to exit out of plenty of what may have been helpful YouTube Videos (and FB lives) because I was unable to listen to the detector for another second.

My friend literally thought it was funny when I asked if he could change the battery while we were talking on the phone.  Needless to say, he became a person that I communicated with more by text as opposed to on the phone (+ detector). 

I have given you 2 huge reasons to keep the battery in your detectors replaced- for the safety of your family and the wellbeing of your friends with misophonia.    

Misophonia is real. If you know someone that has this or if your smoke detector beeping, let’s take a moment to listen (people often say “I didn’t notice.”) and be proactive. I’m yelling from the roof tops, change the battery please.

If you have misophonia, just tell me what your triggers are and I will avoid them at all costs. Even if that means eating in a separate room from you. 

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