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Create A Personal Life You Love While Doing The Work You Love

You’re exhausted after work and once you get home, you’re turning the TV on, ordering take out, replaying your day, sending texts you forgot to send, and may even have a family that you want to love on and pay attention to.  You’re staying up late doing laundry that’s piled up and has to be done now, like, before-bed-now! You just wish you could get enough sleep for a change!

You were so excited to be in a career you love, but you quickly fell into a routine of working crazy hours and some days you feel like you’re drowning. Now you’re making little time, if any, for your health and wellness. You’ve noticed that the side effects of your success are headaches, little sleep, eating too little or too much, an alcohol shot or two, and feeling on edge constantly. You feel like you’re in a rut of work, whiz through your personal life, alarm clock, repeat.

When you finally take a break from work, you’re exhausted and moving in slow motion.  You feel like nothing gets done and you’re overwhelmed because you want to eat better, sleep better, drink less….but you’re running on fumes. So you curl up and watch Netflix and eat take out until you go back to work.

You’ve given so much to have this incredible successful career but your personal life is getting no action.  You’re feeling sad and guilty because canceling dates with your friends and family is your new thing. You know you’ll ALWAYS be tired, grumpy, and less focused, if you continue running on fumes. You’re craving a personal life you enjoy in addition to your work success.

Imagine what could be different if you enjoyed your personal life too…

Imagine actually being able to get things done without sacrificing your sleep, a quiet moment alone, or time with loved ones. 

You can actually breathe a sigh of relief because you’re doing things that you enjoy.  You’re finally back in the good graces of your friends and family because you are no longer overwhelmed with “all the things” you need to do.  You’re actually in the moment and excited to be having fun with your favorite peeps without feeling rushed.

Your personal schedule is less hectic and you’re less distracted by the thought of tasks that you’re leaving undone.  But most of all, you’re motivated to take control of your wellbeing and you’ve taken your first step by letting go of the crazy overwhelm. Instead you’re having fun and creating memories doing things that matter.

Taking control of your life is possible…

I help professionals who have a successful career they love but are exhausted from working long or unpredictable hours. They feel run down and overworked and want to take better care of themselves—but don’t know where to start.  I help them make time for themselves so they can feel more in control of their personal life and still crush it at work.

As a result of working with me you’ll…

  • Identify the exact habits that steal your attention and keep you from eating breakfast with your family, going to social gatherings, or paying attention at a ball game–you know all of the things you enjoy.
  • Turn your priorities into easy actionable steps so that you can live a life you enjoy without feeling guilty that you’re letting your people down.
  • Finally be able to enjoy your life away from work so that you can do the things that are most important to you.

Create a personal life you love while doing the work you love includes…

Personal Time Log

Knowing your habits and routines is the key to success. Before our session you’ll log your activities for (at least) 3 days to get clear on what a few days in your life looks like, so we can pinpoint the best strategies to help you do the things you really want to be doing.  

Love Your Life Strategy Session (75 minute private coaching session):

A successful wellness journey can happen way faster if you are living a life you love. Together, we’ll uncover what really matters to you. We’ll discuss ways to tailor your schedule so you can get back to doing the things you really care about. You’ll finally break free from being exhausted and make time for what you really want and still get it all done!

After your session is complete, you’ll receive your game changing action steps via email.  You can start on your mission to do the things that you enjoy most in your life.

Love Your Life Follow Up (30 minute private coaching session):

Two weeks after our first Love Your Life session, we’ll meet again for 30 minutes.  In this follow up session, we’ll go over the action steps you’ve implemented. We’ll celebrate your wins and discuss adjustments to your plan if needed.  

After completing Love Your Life Follow Up, you’ll have a plan to finally spend time doing the things you really want to be doing so that you can enjoy life again.

Investment: $99

Are you ready to make this happen?

Excellent! Here’s how we can work together.

Step 1. Make your payment

Step 2. Within 48 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your Personalized Time Log to complete, questions to answer to prepare for our call, and instructions for booking your session.

Step 3. Then we’ll hold your Love Your Life Strategy Session so you can lay the perfect foundation to start your wellness journey.

Still have questions?  Email me at mary@marystewart.net

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