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The Goal Setting Society

“From your vision board to reality”  

You’ve dreamed about your business. You’ve been through a program and now you’re ready to take action. Only you’re not really sure how your coaching will fit with your newly created offer. 

The Goal Setting Society is a coaching program designed to guide coaches and consultants from the process of setting a business goal to taking the actual steps to achieve the goals. 

You can apply here.

Hi, coach and consultant. I see you. You have big goals.

Is this you?

  • You want to start introducing people to your business via networking, publications and talks but you’re super fuzzy about what to do when they knock on your virtual door. 
  • You have a bunch of different offers that you love and you want to offer them all. 
  • You’ve considered trying another group program because you KNOW you can do this online business thing. You’re just searching for that missing piece (you’re convinced it is in the next program). 

Chances are the group programs that you have already taken, gave you what you need. You just need to sort out all of the information and take action instead of consuming more information. 

That’s precisely why I created Goal Setting Society. During our 6 weeks together, you’ll get clear on your vision so that you can start taking consistent, repeatable action in your business right away. You’ll walk away with progress under your belt and a renewed hope that you can crush any and all of your goals. You’ll have outlined the exact steps to help you make progress now and beyond. 

Imagine if you…

  • Had clients to pour into your business and you knew they had an exact process to go from meeting you to becoming a paying customer. 
  • Finally had a streamline process that your could consistently follow. 
  • Offered your client one clear way to work with you. 

Taking control of your dreams and goals is possible…

I’m Mary Stewart.

I help coaches and consultants create streamlined ways to find clients so they can feel excited about inviting new people in to interact with their business. 

They may have started to interact with clients but they secretly have no clear game plan to take their client from watching their services to becoming a customer.  

I help them streamline their strategies to find clients so that they can consistently put their proven offer in front of their dream clients so that they can interact with potential clients with confidence. 

As a result of this package you’ll:

  • Know exactly what steps you need to take to start seeing real results on your goals. 
  • Make weekly action plans to move your goals from fluff to reality.
  • Go from casually mentioning the same goals month after month (if not years) to having a clear plan to set your goals and crush them.

Here’s what’s included: 

  • 1 on 1 weekly coaching calls. The coaching calls are designed to help you keep moving the needle, and taking bold action towards your goals. We’ll discuss ways to tailor your goals to get the results that you desire.
  • Email support.  You’ll have me there to respond to questions between coaching calls so that you can keep your momentum.
  • Accountability. Our time together is all about YOU! You’ll have the strategy and momentum to go and get the results that you desire in your business.

Most Frequently Asked Questions…

Is this live or online?

This is 100% online. We’ll use Zoom to connect via live video–which means you’ll be on video. Coaching calls are an excellent way to discuss your goals, obstacles, or problems. All calls are recorded.  Although having the camera off is an option, I’d prefer to see your lovely face on the call.

Will this work for me if I don’t know have a concrete goal?

It depends. This program is designed for you to take a high level look at all of the moving pieces in your business then, get laser focused on the details. Together we’ll set goals to streamline your business so that you can become consistent and implement repeatable processes.  We’ll be focused on what matters so that we can hit the ground running and get the results that you crave. Email me at mary@marystewart.net if you have any questions.

The investment is $699. 

Are you ready to make this happen?

Excellent! Here’s how we can work together.

Step 1. Due to the high touch nature of this program and my commitment to serve, there is an application process to see if we are a good fit here.

Step 2. I’ll review your application and follow up with you for your next steps within 2 working days. 

Step 3. Still have questions?  Email me at mary@marystewart.net

“I had several eye opening moments right away while working with Mary. She helped me to get clear on parts of my business that I’d been stuck on for months. Having Mary as my coach has been transformative for implementing systems and bringing clarity in my business operations. I recommend her to anyone that wants to get ahead in their business.”

Mwa Hungwe, Creator of Hello Sanity

I consulted Mary to help us maintain state compliance and to make the process easier for my company. She redirected the culture of my business and streamlined our daily workflow. Since working with Mary, we’ve grown my team to 38 employees, set up systems to onboard new employees, implemented SOPs that my employees love, and trained my team so that we can serve the community well. She was able to coach me and my team during this process and I felt genuinely supported. Thanks for helping us do things differently at Northview.

Lillian Knox, Founder and CEO at Northview Health Services